3D Robotics Automation is a leading technology company supplying fiber laser resonators and laser heads to many customers worldwide. The company has a broad customer base in Europe, Asia and the Americas and continues to add value to industries in these regions.

  • European Customers

    3D Robotic Automation provides services to various industries in Europe. European customers, especially those operating in applications such as industrial welding, cutting and cleaning, benefit from the advantages of fiber laser technology. The company continues to meet the needs of its customers in Europe by offering high quality products and customized solutions.
  • Asian Customers

    In Asia, 3D Robotic Automation benefits customers in fields such as industrial manufacturing, electronics and automation by supplying fiber laser resonators and laser heads. The company's products are designed to address the needs of customers in Asia to make their production processes more efficient and precise.
  • America Customers

    3D Robotic Automation also has a wide customer portfolio in America. Customers in the Americas are improving their industrial processes by adopting various applications of fiber laser technology. The company best meets customer needs in this region by providing technical support, product development and customized solutions to customers in the United States.

3D Robotic Automation is a leader contributing to the popularization of fiber laser technology by providing high quality products and technical support to its customers around the world. With its commitment to providing value to customers, the company continues to contribute to the success of industries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.