About Us

Our company, with its experience from the past, has been providing solutions in accordance with world standards and security conditions on motion, control and data monitoring automation systems in the industrial field, which has strengthened its position with our expert and experienced team since 2015. In this context, our goal is for our company to be recognized by its customers as a stable, reliable and honest institution that can provide better quality services.  

We are working to provide solutions with the principle of the most optimum cost and maximum performance by making use of all the possibilities of our own experience in order to provide forward-looking accurate, reliable and durable solutions to machine manufacturers about factory production lines and systems. Our company has responded to the needs of many customers with the automation systems and robotic applications we have developed and completed it with complete customer satisfaction in accordance with its vision. In addition to custom robotic software and applications, especially robotic laser welding applications, robotic laser cutting applications, it can respond in a short time to all the needs you may need on the automation side such as plant automation, machine automation, process automation.  

Our company, which finds the fastest solution to your needs without sacrificing quality in many applications, adds new projects to its references every day and is on the way to become the company that provides the highest quality and best service


Since we started our business, our main goal has always been to analyze and evaluate customer needs correctly and to provide fast and effective service with our expert team. By following the sectoral developments and innovations instantly and using the highest technological opportunities, we create reliable and solid structures on industrial programming and control, together with the importance we attach to quality. Ensuring the continuity of our quality and success is our first priority, and it is our basic principle to maintain our relations with our customers and organizations we serve in a transparent, mutual tolerance and consistent manner.


The basic strategy of our company; In the industrial automation sector, to always provide the highest quality service, to keep the quality standards at the highest level by following the technological innovations, to provide the best service in the fastest way with our experienced staff who accepts satisfaction as the basic principle, to our business partners, customers and organizations, to ensure continuity in satisfaction.