Innovative Steps in Technology

Our company offers robotic laser welding and solutions that transform industrial production. By combining our specially selected 6-axis industrial robots with our own designed and produced laser power supplies and welding heads, we offer unique and high-performance solutions to our customers.
Our company is a pioneer in the industry with its expertise in industrial automation and laser welding technologies. We continue to offer the latest technology to our customers with our innovative approaches and continuous R&D studies.
We offer customized robotic laser welding solutions to suit customer needs. The laser power supplies and welding heads we produce are in full integration and harmony to ensure maximum efficiency and perfection in projects.
Thanks to the ability to integrate our systems with tracking cameras and sensors, we further optimize production processes. This integration enables precise positioning and tracking of workpieces, thus increasing the accuracy of laser welding processes. Additionally, it can be used with various detection and feedback systems to automate and debug processes. This enables our customers to gain a competitive advantage by offering more efficient and reliable production processes.
Our 6-axis industrial robots offer wide range of motion and flexibility, providing the ability to process a variety of part geometries. In this way, our customers gain flexibility and efficiency in their production processes and achieve excellent results.
Our company has adopted the principle of keeping quality and reliability at the highest level. It provides long-lasting use and reliable performance thanks to our laser welding equipment, which we produce in accordance with high quality standards in our own production facilities, and the robots we design.
Customer satisfaction is at the center of our business. We constantly work to understand our customers' needs and provide the best solutions. By collaborating closely with our customers at every stage of the project process, we ensure the successful completion of their projects.
Our company is a reliable partner in robotic laser welding and solutions in industrial production. By providing our customers with the latest technology, quality and service, we help them make their businesses more efficient.